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Welcome to Kyoto Koryo-ji International Cemetery Burial Cemetery

​ Nationality / Ethnicity / Sect / Religion / Faith

​​We also accept pre-need reservations.


Only people of the same religion will be buried in the same area of the burial graveyard area.
For example, only Islamic believers are buried in the Islamic district, only Buddhist believers are buried in the Buddhist district, and only Christian believers are buried in the Christian district. People of other religions are not buried in each area.






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About Koryo-ji Reien

At the southeastern tip of Kyoto Prefecture, which is the prefectural border between Mie and Nara prefectures, there is Minamiyamashiro Village, the only village in Kyoto Prefecture, and Koryo-ji International Cemetery is located in the Dosenbo area of that Minamiyamashiro Village. The Koryo-ji International Cemetery, which opened in November 1978, owns a vast sacred place of about 30,000 tsubo surrounded by nature with clear air and pure water, regardless of nationality or denomination. We have also enshrined the souls and operated it as a cemetery where you can rest forever.
With the recent increase in the migration of multinational and multi-religious people to Japan, we have had the opportunity to review the operation of the graveyard and decided to establish a burial graveyard area.
Until about 15 years ago, the surrounding area, including Minamiyamashiro Village, was a 100% burial cultural area. The opening of the burial graveyard area was made possible by the willingness of the local residents.



Q. I'm not a believer in Jogye Order,
Will you accept it?

Q. If I want a size / specification larger than the standard , can I make a bespoke order?

Our reien does not care about nationality, religion or sect

You can also use it without becoming a Danka system.

​ Sizes and specifications meet the wishes of the bereaved family

Please feel free to contact us.

Q. What kind of burial method is burial?

It is a funeral method in which the body is buried in the soil without being cremated. In Japan, 99.9% are cremations, but in countries that value Christianity, Islam, and Confucianism, the proportion of cremations is high in line with the ideas of each religion.

It is considered to be a method based on the ancient idea of "born from the soil and returned to the soil". Also, unlike cremation, it does not require fuel, so it can be said to be an environmentally friendly funeral method.


Q. What is the difference between the procedure and the cremation procedure?

The procedure itself does not change at all. Each municipality will be required to issue a "burial permit". However, it is necessary for each bereaved family to arrange the transportation method of the body to the graveyard through a funeral company. Please contact us for more information.

Q. The soil and water quality are polluted by the burial,
Will the surrounding area become an unsanitary environment?

When burying, we dig about 2 meters underground and bury it, so animals and insects will not dig up the body to the ground. In addition, many microorganisms living in the ground decompose and neutralize the body, and the natural purification action works, so there is no worry of soil pollution. Regarding water quality, unlike cremation, burial may have an effect on groundwater if the body rots, but it is not contaminated because the distance from the graveyard to the domestic waterway is sufficiently secured. I'm sorry.

Please be assured that we have received permission from the local government that there is no problem.

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About costs and options

* 1… Cemetery size: Vertical 2m ✕ Width 1m ✕ Depth 2m

* 2… Excavation, morgue, backfilling work

* 3… Boundary block installation

* 4… Length 30 cm ✕ Width 60 cm ✕ Thickness 5 cm (including engraved name)

Basic charge 481,000 yen
+ Management fee 1,100 yen / month
* Payment as a permanent management fee is also available.



 Engraved * 5 _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   44,000 yen ~
Tombstone       275,000 yen ~
Roll stone     165,000 yen ~
Concrete frame
* 6 275,000 yen ~

* 5… Birthplace, date of birth, anniversary of death
* 6… Vertical 2m ✕ Horizontal 1m ✕ Depth 2m

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* The price includes tax.
* The basic fee does not include the funeral fee.
* Funerals and transportation of bodies will be arranged by each bereaved family.
* A separate fee will be charged if you wish to have a funeral at this temple.
* Specifications and fees are subject to revision without notice.

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If you wish to visit, we will respond individually, so please contact the following inquiries and let us know your desired date.

13 Dosenbo Sunokobashi, Minamiyamashiro-mura, Soraku-gun, Kyoto Prefecture

TEL: 0743931715 (Secretariat)       _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_        



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You can enjoy hiking in the precincts of Koryo-ji Temple.


​ An aerial photograph of the entire view of Koryo-ji Temple.


Directions from the vicinity of the Kita Okawara Bypass.


It is a way to go from Wazuka through the forest road over Mikuni.


It is a way to go through the forest road over Mikuni from the direction of Iga.

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